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Motorcycle Camping 101

H-D of Asheville | 07/09/2021

If you want to up your outdoor adventure game, going on a Harley camping trip is an excellent option. We’ve put together some helpful tips that we recommend checking out. If you’re new to motorcycle camping or just need to get some cool gear for your next outing, stop by.

Plan the Trip

While short trips don’t usually require much planning, you’ll definitely want to take some time to plan your motorcycle camping excursion. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned expert, you’ll find that motorcycle camping is an investment of time and money. You can start planning by making a list of sightseeing and any other attractions you want to visit. It’s a good idea to reserve campsites near your destinations. You’re likely to save a few extra bucks if you book your spot in advance!

Packing the Right Way

Packing the bare essentials is going to be your best bet for motorcycle camping. You don’t want to be adding unnecessary extra weight to your bike. Only bring along what you need: shelter, clothing, food and water, medication, toiletries, and supplies for building a fire. For many of these items, you can probably find a travel-size version that will help save on space and weight. You’ll also want to see if you can find a lightweight sleeping bag and tent so you won’t have heavy, bulky items to worry about. 

Space Management

Downsizing is crucial, but there are some items that you can’t eliminate. For example, camping requires supplies and you’ll want to make sure you have what you need and a place to store it all. Some bikes already come with storage, so you may not need much more. Luckily, you have a few different options when deciding on additional cargo space. Some of the most popular options include a top side box, leather cargo bags, dry bags, and saddlebags. Leather bags can often be waterproofed so that your gear is protected.


Wherever you might plan to camp, it’s important to take care of your motorcycle. It doesn’t hurt to follow some extra precautions in order to keep your most prized possession safe! Of course, you’ll want to lock it up during the night. In the event that it rains, you’ll want to protect your bike from the elements so you can prevent any possible damage. Remember to always check that you have the necessary fluids to avoid getting stranded.

We hope that these tips from our experts at H-D of Asheville have been helpful and you now feel ready to embark on your first motorcycle camping trip. If you have any further questions or feel the need to check out some new gear before you go, come on down to Harley-Davidson of Asheville today!