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Devil's Whip

Written Directions

Start this motorcycle ride in a town called Pleasant Gardens, NC which is about 30 mi east of Asheville off US Highway 70. Head north out of Pleasant Gardens on NC 80 and just stay on NC 80 as it crosses the Blue Ridge Parkway and continue north all the way up to US Highway 19 in the town of Micaville, NC.


Climbs 2500' in elevation. Crosses Blue Ridge Parkway east of Mt Mitchell. Beautiful lake on south end and great views of Mt Mitchell at Mt Mitchell golf course. The scenery is beautiful and unimpeded by commercialism. Once past the final residences there is nothing but road road and road.

Road Quality

Good road condition. More curves and elevation changes than the Dragon's tail with a lot less traffic also. Several switchbacks. Not for the novice rider. The road is on a steep incline providing a whole new set of challenges. Asphalt is is good condition with only normal brush and gravel from time to time. Light traffic, nasty switchbacks, and towards the top there is a virtual slalom of quick tight turns.

Roadside Amenities

Not much here but a great ride. Get on Blue Ridge up to Mt Mitchell. Stop at golf course for something to drink. Fill up before you go. There is nothing on this road but road. Amenities are in Marion at the entrance or in Burnsville many miles beyond the BRP.