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Waterfall Byway

Written Directions

Keep in mind that the entire area surrounding this road is a motorcyclist's paradise. Once you try this road, you'll easily find more unbelievable motorcycle roads in the area. Start your run in the town of Franklin North Carolina (its in the far west southern corner of North Carolina ... about 25 miles south of The Great Smokey Mountains National Park). Take 64 south from Franklin all the way down to the town of Highlands (just north of the Georgia/North Carolina border). YOU'LL FALL IN LOVE WITH THIS ROAD!!!


This road is a short but sweet 19 mile path through the great Smokey Mountains. Along this road you will see a beautiful river gorge that has carved its way through some of the Smokey Mountains. The road passes by and through over ten beautiful waterfalls and is the reason it is known as the 'Waterfall Byway'. You'll be able to see the Cullasaja Falls that dive over 300 feet in elevation along about a half of a mile of river. It gives you a great view of the Cullasaja River and its gorge, Lake Sequoyah and as the huge Smokey Mountains.

Road Quality

The motorcycle road qualities of this road are fantastic. It starts out pretty tame as it passes through some gentile rolling farm country but after a few miles it starts climbing into Higdon Mountain. The road parallels the path of the Cullasaja Gorge. As the road slithers around the mountains, it becomes more narrow and curving. However, keep in mind that, for those who like to have the road all to yourself, unfortunately crowds can be a problem in this popular North Carolina resort area.

Roadside Amenities

The town of Franklin calls itself the 'Gem Capital of the World' because of the local ruby, garnet and sapphire mines. The highlight of this road is Dry Falls. Here you can take a trail UNDER THE 75 FOOT WATERFALL. At Bridal Veil Falls dive 120 feet. Recently US 64 has been developed and rerouted to go around the falls. Yet a portion of the older US 64 remains and still travels under the falls themselves. The road ends in the town of Highlands North Carolina. This is the highest town in North Carolina sitting at 4,118 ft. It is has extremely lush and green surroundings due to the fact that it is also North Carolina's wettest town. In Highlands you will find tons of B&Bs, shops, and art galleries as well as restaurants. This town is a popular tourism center.